What is Best Ride USA?

Best Ride USA is a leading transportation service that contracts with regional transit authorities, state agencies, adult day healthcare centers, and insurance companies to transport ambulatory and non-ambulatory passengers with a wide range of disabilities across Massachusetts. Above all, we make sure our clients get to their destination safely and on time, all with a professional and personalized experience.


Who do you provide transportation for?

We offer transportation for senior citizens (both able-bodied and disabled) and mentally or physically disabled individuals. We also accommodate those who use wheelchairs and mobility aids, or who may have any other specific needs.


Where do you provide transportation to?

Best Ride USA, Inc. currently serves Massachusetts communities within the I-495 belt, as well as Worcester and Bristol counties. We provide transportation and privately chartered vehicles to a wide range of locations within our service area, including:

  • Personal residences
  • Medical appointments
  • Adult day care facilities
  • Extracurricular activities such as conferences, outings, and other group functions

What measures do you take to ensure your vehicles are safe?

On a regular basis, we randomly select one of our driving personnel and inspect their vehicle to make sure it meets our strict safety guidelines. Following our Vehicle Management Plan, we ensure vehicles are properly maintained in order to meet local, state, and federal requirements.


Is Best Ride USA covered by my insurance?

We are proud to be an approved MassHealth (Medicaid) provider, Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare, Commonwealth Care Alliance, UMASS HCBS Waiver ETHOS, Boston Senior Home Health, Central Boston and CTS (Coordinated Transportation Solutions) and MART.


Are your drivers trained in First Aid?

Yes. Our training program also involves CPR training, Defensive Driver Safety Training approved by the National Safety Council, proper vehicle maintenance, and specialized van and wheelchair lift operation.


Are your drivers multilingual?

Yes. In addition to English, our driving personnel speak Spanish, Russian and Creole.